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Peak Performance requires optimal physical and mental acuity. While many athletes address their physical abilities, most do not engage in mental training. What truly separates great athletes from elite athletes is their mindset. At EleVive, our athletes discover immediately actionable strategies to IMPROVE!


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red Basketball player in action in gym.jpg

Control your Mind, instead of letting it control you

What you say to yourself impacts how you feel and how you perform. At EleVive, our athletes discover immediately actionable strategies to optimize their mindset, so they can compete at peak performance. 

Consider this: If you get rid of habits that are not working for you, learn the ones that research proves do work and practice those beneficial habits, you cannot help but improves. That is exactly what our clients do at EleVive.

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The difference between great athletes and elite ones is mindset. Elite athletes make their minds work for and not against them. Just like physical training is vital to success, so is training your mind. And yet, even highly selective clubs don’t address the vital psychology of sports. If you want to get an even greater competitive edge, then EleVive is for you.
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You want your child to excel to their peak potential. You have spent countless hours, energy and capital on helping your child, and yet they still are not exactly where you want them to be. That does not mean things are helpless; it does mean you simply have not found the right resources for you and your athlete. At EleVive, our clients discover immedicably actionable tools to help themselves better excel at their sport and in their lives.

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Team cohesiveness, handling pressure, getting into the “Zone,” these are all vital aspect to success in competition. How can your team benefit from sports psychology training? And how can coaches acquire the tools they need to help optimize their players’ mindsets? That is where EleVive can help support coaches and organizations as a whole, giving their athletes the winning edge that will help them stand out even more as they excel against their opponents. 

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"Before coming to EleVive, my son was a strong hockey player who was getting too much in his head. After working with his EleVive coach, my son scored a hattrick and was recruited for a AAA team. The transformation he made from his work with EleVive was way more than I could even have hoped."

~ Julie, mom of 16 year old


We have the best people on the job!
Over 100 years of 
combined experience turns into a powerful machine to make you the best at your game. 


  • Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo 

  • Stephen Drum 

  • Kelsey Smith 

  • Amy Cardamone 

Neuro-Regenerative Training™ (NRT)

 Neuro-Regenerative Training™ (NRT)  uses cutting edge neuroscientific principles to rewire the brain and boost performance. 

Dr. E created her patented Neuro-Regenerative Training™ (NRT) after working with clients for over 25 years as both a physical therapist and clinical psychologist. 


NRT uses cutting edge neuroscientific principles from a variety of different disciplines to rewire the brain and boost performance. 


Consider that every thought you have are nerves firing in a certain pattern within your brain. There is a saying in psychology: Nerves that fire together, wire together. That means once you have a thought you are more likely to have it again and again and again until it becomes automatic.


And it is our thoughts that determine how we feel, how we act and how we perform.


The goal of NRT is to rewire the client's brain so that automatic thinking  works for rather than against you.

This facilitates lasting changes that allow you to function at your best. The benefits include: the ability to regulate emotions, to cultivate healthy self-confidence, improve relationships, enhance physical health and to be able to function at peak performance.


"Dr. Lombardo is my Head Coach for happiness."

Shaquille  O'Neal

NBA All-Star and Sports Analyst


Games and matches are won and lost on and off the court. A healthy mindset is imperative for any athlete to be the winner. Check out these videos to learn why sports psychology is important and how to get into the winning mindset. 

Sports Psychology
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