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Football Team Coach

For coaches

- Better manage your own stress

- Gain skills to help your athletes better deal with stress

- Support your athletes’ recruitment and next steps 

- Discover what to say and not say to best help your athletes

- Boost your effectiveness as a coach

- Have an ally to support you as you support your team

- Assist your athletes in reaching their highest potential

- Feel more empowered in your coaching 

How EleVive can help your athlete 

As a coach, you know how vital mindset is to peak performance. You want to best support your athletes. And yet, sports psychology training may not be your comfort zone.


That is where EleVive comes in.


At EleVive we work with athletes to provide them with elite mind skills so they can perform at their best. 

Do you work with any athletes who:

  • Experience stress that hinders their performance? 

  • Perform better in practice than in competitions?

  • Are struggling with an injury?

  • Have trouble controlling their stress and anxiety?

  • Have trouble getting along with teammates?

  • Would benefit from gaining skills to get the mental edge?

  • Grapple with moving past mistakes or challenges?

  • Have concerns about getting recruited despite their athleticism? 

  • Are not fulfilling their potential?

If so, we can help! 

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