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For Athletes 

- Gain the mental edge

- Get recruited for the sport (college or professional)

- Move past mistakes/errors 

- Deal with an injury

- Boosting your competitive edge

- Get into “The Zone” for peak performance 

- Get  along with coach or teammates 

- Get unstuck “in your head”

- Control emotions and stress

- Reach your highest potential

How elevive can help you

Concierge Coaching

Want to go from a great athlete to an elite one?


Want to better control your stress?


Want to perform even better?


Want to gain the mental edge?


Concierge coaching may be for you.


At EleVive we work one-on-one with athletes to address your specific opportunities. You will discover immediately actionable skills to help you perform even better, to have more fun playing your sport and excel to your peak performance.

Concierge Coaching may be for you if:

  • You are looking to gain the competitive edge- over the competition (and even your teammates).

  • You sometimes get stuck in your head or have trouble performing to your best because of stress or anxiety.

  • You are dedicated to taking your athletic performance to the next level (and beyond). 

  • You are injured, unable to physically practice the way you want, and are concerned how this will impact your return to your sport.

  • You are looking for ways to control your mind, instead of letting it control you.

  •  You want to gain even more confidence and have even more success in your sport.

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